Book Review: Heads You Win

Office pizza lunch

"How about a pizza lunch?" suggested a colleague. 

It was a while since we had had a team lunch and pizza seemed to be a good idea. 

It was a hot Friday noon.  We thought why not order instead of braving the sun and going in person.  

We had a choice between Pizza Hut and Dominos and preferred the latter (ostensibly due to some offers they had).   My colleague thought she got 50% off on the bill amount, when in effect it was 50% off on a couple of pizzas.  

Anyway, the order was done online - a first time for me.  I had always called and ordered or gone in person. (Hmm! when I think about it, it has been a while since we ordered)  The payment was done by credit card (to save the trouble of cash/change and all).  The website apparently gave regular status update on the order - food being prepared, packaged and out for delivery.

Dominos is less than 2 km  from our office and it was logical to assume it would take about 5 minutes (6 min by car according to google).  5 minutes passed, 10 and then 15.  

We joked that the delivery guy might deliver to the house below and since it was prepaid they may take it!  We discussed how this could be avoided by having a secret code or such!

We got a missed call on the contact number.

The colleague who talked,  passed on the phone to me - it was the delivery boy and he was talking in Hindi.  He was asking for directions.   Imagine our surprise (see the map for what I mean)! I responded to the delivery guy in Hindi, specifying where he should take the turn and how he should come. 

If I thought that was good enough, I was far from right.  After about 10 more minutes, there was another missed call.  My colleague tried again and passed on the phone to me.  This time, the delivery boy handed his phone over to another person (I suspect he had asked a guy on the road).   I told him the directions again and heard him tell the delivery boy.  From what he told, it looked like he was quite close by. 

From our First Floor office, we came out on to the balcony.   At a distance, we saw a delivery vehicle going on the road perpendicular to ours.  This time we called the boy's number.  We told him to retrace his path and come on the perpendicular road.  

We were third-time lucky.  The delivery boy came.  I asked him if he was new to the job.  Indeed, he was.

The sauce and seasonings were missing - so were the tissues.  He said he would go back and get them, but we were too hungry and asked him not to bother.  He left without a tip (in any case we had paid upfront).  

I had a good mind to log a complaint, but my colleague said that that could cost the delivery boy his job.  So we refrained. 

For all the online ordering and status update, the technology did not take care of the last mile - the human element of delivery.  Neither was the directions printed and given to the delivery boy nor did he was a smartphone with a GPS which would have helped him locate.  In fact, I wonder if he had "charge" in his mobile, since he gave a missed call and expected us to figure out who the caller was and call back!