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Ordering pizza - flop show

It was a rainy Sunday evening.  Still a few hours to go for the World Cup football finals.  "Why not order a pizza?", we thought.  We usually prefer dining over home delivery - so it had been quite a while since we had ordered one home.  Recently I had done one at office and the experience had been good.

The office experience in mind, I thought,  "why not do an online booking".  I could pay by credit card as well and not worry about change.

The choice was between Pizza Hut and Dominos.  We had seen delivery boys of both come to our apartment.  We knew both had outlets within 5 km radius of our apartment.  So far so good.

I chose Pizza Hut and visited their website.  They had a link to order online with a bunch of offers advertised.  In fact, they even have a mobile app!

The screen first asked you to choose the city and then the locality.

I did that and next was to specify the apartment.  I was pleasantly surprised to see our apartment listed, but wait - what was…

World Cup Cricket and Football - viewing experience compared

Having burnt midnight oil the last couple of days watching the World Cup Football semi-finals, I could not help doing some comparisons between India's National Sport (I don't mean the "official" one, but the popular one), and World's National Sport with respect to television viewing.
Cricket World Cup:  Hmm!  which World Cup are talking about - the one-day World Cup or T20 World Cup?  Is there a World Cup for test matches?  In terms of time-frame comparisons, the T20 format comes closest to football (assuming the latter has extra-time and penalties).
No World Cup cricket match can happen outside India's waking hours.  After all, the bulk of the revenues, which accrue from advertising needs Indian viewership.   In contrast, the best of the football matches happen when India sleeps.  (Yeah, if it is organized in Asian countries, we may be lucky to watch them before our midnight).
Cricket is a sport with breaks - break between overs, break when wicket falls, br…

Unlucky 13 - indeed

In one of my inspired moments, I looked at the New York Times Best Sellers list and decided to read the first Fiction book that it listed.  As it turned out, the time I looked at it,Unlucky 13 was the book which was #1 in Combined Print & E-Book fiction.

Having looked at the synopsis, which seemed to indicate a detective novel, I got a copy of the book.

The book is part of the Women's Murder Club series of books by the author.  The Club is essentially four friends - Lindsay Boxer, a detective in San Franciso police, Cindy, a journalist,  Claire, a medical practitioner and Yuki, Assistant District Attorney.

The book begins with a car accident.  The bodies of the two victims indicate some kind of a bomb.  Investigations reveal the bomb could have been small enough to have been in the victim's stomach as part of the food that was consumed.  As Lindsay investigates this, the FBI is also called in.  A photo of Mackie Morales, a serial killer also comes up indicating that she …