Book Review: Heads You Win

Ordering pizza - flop show

It was a rainy Sunday evening.  Still a few hours to go for the World Cup football finals.  "Why not order a pizza?", we thought.  We usually prefer dining over home delivery - so it had been quite a while since we had ordered one home.  Recently I had done one at office and the experience had been good.

The office experience in mind, I thought,  "why not do an online booking".  I could pay by credit card as well and not worry about change.

The choice was between Pizza Hut and Dominos.  We had seen delivery boys of both come to our apartment.  We knew both had outlets within 5 km radius of our apartment.  So far so good.

I chose Pizza Hut and visited their website.  They had a link to order online with a bunch of offers advertised.  In fact, they even have a mobile app!

The screen first asked you to choose the city and then the locality.

I did that and next was to specify the apartment.  I was pleasantly surprised to see our apartment listed, but wait - what was "Out of trade area".

I entered my Flat number and landmark and clicked on Proceed.  I proceeded nowhere for I got the following message.  "No store found".

Well!  so much for online orders and "offers" on them.

I switched to Dominos to see if it was any better.  Sadly, no.  Our area did not figure in their "dropdown" lists at all!

Why do they not have an option to find your home in Google Map and pick the address from there?

Anyway, the fun does not stop here.  We decided to call Pizza Hut number and make the order.

I believe after specifying the address, we were redirected to a "suitable" PHD location, the one in Marathahalli.  This guy again asked for location.  He said "their card was not working" and we had to pay cash.  Also, it would take 50 minutes because of rain.

We compromised on all these thinking it was just a one-off thing.

And then came a call, about 15 minutes later.  This was from the PHD Marathahalli location. "Your home is closer to CV Raman Nagar.  We don't deliver to your location.  Can you please call C V Raman Nagar?"

This was the last straw.  We were supposed to determine the radius of delivery of various Pizza Hut units and inform these guys appropriately.   And that when they deliver to our apartment regularly - surely they should not even be asking where our apartment and which location should deliver to this!

We cancelled the order and drove to the newly opened Vasudev Adiga's fast food center near the Kaggadasapura Level Crossing and had a  nice hot South Indian tiffin for one-fifth the price and compensated by splurging on some exotic cake in the nearby cake shop.

As for Pizza Hut, so much for their online and telephone booking.   To top it up, according to their web page, their menu and/or prices are not applicable in Gujarat, Maharashtra or Karnataka (the place where they are possibly popular)!