Unlucky 13 - indeed

In one of my inspired moments, I looked at the New York Times Best Sellers list and decided to read the first Fiction book that it listed.  As it turned out, the time I looked at it, Unlucky 13 was the book which was #1 in Combined Print & E-Book fiction.

Having looked at the synopsis, which seemed to indicate a detective novel, I got a copy of the book.

The book is part of the Women's Murder Club series of books by the author.  The Club is essentially four friends - Lindsay Boxer, a detective in San Franciso police, Cindy, a journalist,  Claire, a medical practitioner and Yuki, Assistant District Attorney.

The book begins with a car accident.  The bodies of the two victims indicate some kind of a bomb.  Investigations reveal the bomb could have been small enough to have been in the victim's stomach as part of the food that was consumed.  As Lindsay investigates this, the FBI is also called in.  A photo of Mackie Morales, a serial killer also comes up indicating that she is now active.  The journalist Cindy decides to pursue her whereabouts in order to get an exclusive.  Yuki's honeymoon is rudely disturbed when their cruise ship is hijacked.

All the three incidents run in parallel and go through twists and turns. Lindsay uncovers the people behind the so-called belly bombs, while Cindy has to be alert to prevent Mackie from perpetrating a crime.  How Brady, Lindsay's boss and Yuki's husband tries to fight back the hijackers round up the book.

Since this was my first tryst with this author and this series, I was unsure what to expect.  While, the book is fast-paced, having multiple tracks makes it distracting.   Also, perhaps because it is one of the books of the series, the protagonists are not well-etched.   Some of the events are also hard to believe.

I couldn't help wondering if this book is #1 in the list, what is the quality of the list itself!  Needless to say, it is a controversial list!  Also, I am unlikely to read any further books by the author.

I have one more such book (from the list) I picked up.  I am wondering if I should read that.  Anyway, that's for another day.