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School admission experiences

With the school admissions for academic year 2015-2016 around the corner, I thought it may be good to share our experiences of last year.   We live in Bangalore so mostly this applies to those in Bangalore, but others will find similarities elsewhere.

In my generation (yeah, that is the right thing to say), all I knew about classes in schools were LKG, UKG, 1 to 10 standard (I had Pre Degree Course in college - equivalent to Std 11 and 12). Typically the minimum age to admit to LKG was 3 years and 1st standard was 5 years.

Things are different now.  So, first

Types of Primary Education

Today, in most Bangalore schools, you are eligible for LKG only if you are 3 years 8 months old.  By extension, the eligibility for 1st standard is 5 years 8 months. Perhaps the academic pressures have forced this.

Now there is also the Montessori system of education, where you have 3 years of Montessori classes before you go to 1st standard.  Here you end up going to school (or start Mont 1) when you a…

Courier credit card delivery experiences

I stay in an apartment. So pretty much every delivery is picked up by the Apartment Security.  This works well since I am not available at home most of the day.

But there are exceptions and credit card is one of them.  They are expected to delivered to the addressee.

For some reason, HDFC Bank decided to "upgrade" my credit card.  I thought I had nothing to lose and agreed to it.  Actually, I ended up losing 60% of the reward points and gained pretty much nothing (since most of the "upgrade" features are for frequent air travellers).

Anyway, I got an SMS indicating my credit card had been shipped, along with the shipping details.   That was on last Saturday.   I expected the card to reach me on Monday.

I checked the tracking details on the web on Monday evening and saw "Shipment out for delivery" and "Delivery attempted - Premise closed". Looking at the time, delivery was attempted in the morning when no one is there at home.

I did not see any …