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Heroku php laravel postgres

We have done several projects using LAMP stack.  Most of the time, we end up using a framework like codeigniter or yii to ease development. The deployment typically happens in a shared hosting environment like godaddy or bigrock by manually copying over files.

In a recent project, we had an opportunity to use heroku for production deployment.  The first question was if heroku supported php.  It is more popular as a platform to deploy ruby applications.  But of late, they have been increasing php support, including facebook's hiphop runtime.
The second question was if we should use a framework and if so, what?  The requirement was only for a set of web services to feed an iOS app.  There were no web UI requirements.  Well! to put it differently - we were constrained to develop a web site using squarespace template. Relevant data for the site needed to be pulled using web services.
yii seemed an overkill, but developing web services by hand would not be trivial either.  A search fo…

Another SBI rant

I was impressed when onlineSBI allowed me to do a recurring deposit, including specifying standing instructions to debit saving account each month - without needing to visit the Bank.

The recurring deposit was due to mature on 9th Sep 2014.  I checked online a couple of days later and found that the deposit amount had not been transferred to Savings.  Nor was it renewed as an FD. It was just showing "0%" interest with a maturity date for 9th Sep 2015.
I clearly remember having had to choose one of two options when I opened the RD for maturity instructions - "credit principal and interest to savings" or "place a term deposit with the maturity amount".  I had chosen the former. 
The RD was in my wife's name and she had to go to the Bank and ask the staff about this.  They were unperturbed - "Write a letter requesting closure of the RD and transferring the proceeds to Savings".  
"But why was it not done automatically?"  No answer.  …

The Chickmagalur trip

"Why only chick, appa?  What about dog, hen?", asked my curious little one on being told we were going to Chickmagalur for the Ganesh chathurthi long weekend.

The idea behind a family trip originated during the first birthday party of a relative.  A Whatsapp group was hastily setup and after a series of messages, and places varying from Pondicherry to Coorg, the destination was agreed upon.  The choice of accommodation was limited, considering the last-minute planning.  We finally managed to get four rooms with twin-sharing for fourteen of us - eleven adults and three kids - with age ranging from 1 to 71.
A Tempo was hired and the morning of Ganesh chathurthi found us waking up the Lord at an unearthly hour of 6 AM and offering the traditional kozhukkattai.  The plan was to leave at 6 AM, but thanks to the proverbial Muphy's law, it was 7.30 AM when the last pickup was done and we were off.

The driver chose the Outer Ring Road, past Hebbal and Yeshwantpur to get into…

School admission experiences - Part 2

In the first part of this narrative, I had mentioned the revelations in the twenty first century school eduction in India.  I had also mentioned about the criteria that we felt made sense, when considering a school for our kid.

Here I detail the experiences that we had with the admissions processes in the various schools that we considered.  We stay at Chitrakut Environs and the schools that I list are relevant to those who stay in or nearabouts the area.

Sishu Griha

Reputation:  Excellent
Promixity:  (about 5 km) Excellent

The admission window of this school was open for 4 days when people could drop in applications in free-format plain-text.  It was around the 3rd week of September 2013, if I recall correctly. The application also needed to include a paragraph (or was it an essay) on why we felt the child should be admitted there.

The school had no application fee (the only school not to have any).

The admission was for Mont 1 (since this school follows Montessori system of primary …