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Opening a Kannada Word document

My colleague calls me this morning.  "Hey, I have a couple of Word documents in Kannada.  When I open it, it shows gibberish.  I tried installing Kannada fonts but may have messed it up.  Can you try?"

I had Microsoft World 2013.  I opened the doc and not surprisingly, saw gibberish.  Now the question was what font to install.  A search for kannada fonts gave a large number of results.  There were several kannada fonts available.

I tried with Baraha font from this site.  No luck.
Then I moved on to this one. Same issue.

It didn't take much time for me to figure out that I needed the same font that had been used in creating the doc.  Now how does that one get that info?

I got to the page - how to get a list of fonts used in a particular document.

The answer there led to a stackoverflow question, which was related to programmatically getting the list of fonts. But the answer to that was what helped.

Open the Word document as a zip file - essentially extract that file using…