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Cleartrip spicejet and refunds

It was the marriage of my wife's cousin in Mumbai and a reason to do a long overdue Mumbai trip.  That it coincided with Republic Day meant, we could also use the occasion to catch-up with the several relatives we have there.

We were intimated as early as September first week for the marriage, happening  on Jan 22nd.  This meant, we could get a good flight deal by booking early.  We did get a good deal - round-trip of Rs.3,500/- per head by Spicejet, which I booked through Cleartrip on 15th September.

And then the news started coming in - of SpiceJet going through a crisis and flights getting cancelled.  But there were also news of things getting sorted out and Spicejet even recommencing bookings, including flights in March 2015.   It looked like we would be unaffected by the problems.

Then disaster stuck in the form of an SMS at 5.54 PM 23rd December - your flight from Bengaluru to Mumbai is cancelled.  It was followed by another SMS at 9.37 PM on the same day - cancellation of …