End of Google Code

I received an email this morning (at 6.38 am IST specifically) with the subject Google Code shutting down.  It had a link to the google announcement in their open source blog with the title Bidding farewell to google code.

I have a pet project which I started in google code (in Sep 2010) and hence I received the email.

The pet project was a way for me to explore spring framework and java persistence api.  I then also learnt how to use freemarker and add tiles support.  I also explored using different build mechanisms - from maven to gradle and buildr.

I chose mercurial as the SCM when I started the project - since it offered me a chance to learn distributed version control system (having been only familiar with centralized version control systems like cvs, svn, perforce, prior to it).

The reason for the shutdown is understandable - github and bitbucket have pretty much become the de facto repository for projects - both open source as well as commercial.   Google has not tried to keep up with the features that these companies have been adding   So it was only a matter of time.

Google has provided a button to do "auto-import" of the project to Github.     Not sure if it would work for mercurial or svn projects (I think google may convert these to git and then import).  But I decided to convert my mercurial project to git before I clicked the Export button.

As documented in google code, I used fast-export utility to do this.  It was a breeze (though there is a gotcha).  You cannot convert the mercurial repo to git by pointing it to the remote (google code) repo.  You need to clone it locally and then point the tool to the local repo.  But as a bonus, the tool also allows any malformed "author" elements in commits to be fixed.