Book Review: Heads You Win

Humshakals - look-a-likes

Yes, I watched this Hindi movie - Humshakals - one of the worst movies I have watched in my life.  Since I spent about three hours doing it, the least I thought I could do is spend a few minutes writing about it for posterity!

I had recorded it a while back, so I was saved the misery of viewing the plentiful advertisements that pop-up every fifteen minutes or less (as well as the songs). But then, chances are, the ads may have been better entertainment.  (My kid, for sure, digs ads - especially if it is car ads - take the recent BMW i8 one, for instance).

The director is Sajid Khan, who is notorious for mindless movies like Housefull, Housefull 2, etc. So you may ask, what better can you expect from him?  But imagine, you have Saif Ali Khan, the Nawab of Patauli, no less, "acting" (if you may call that) in the movie.  As are Ritesh Deshmukh, the popular TV actor, Ram Kapoor as well as Bipasha Basu, Tamanna and Isha Gupta.

So we have the successful business man Saif, whose passion is "stand-up comedy".  And his dad is in coma (and finally revives because he could not "stand" the comedy of his son).  There is Saif's "best friend" Ritesh, who digs the pretty assistant of Saif, Bipasha.  Saif though fancies Tamanna the host of "you can become a millionaire too" (or some such).  And then you have the wicked uncle Ram, who works with his friend, the doctor, to come up with a "medicine" that can make the drinker act and be a dog for "24 hours", each time you take a dose of it. 

All these are tolerable till you find that the mental hospital that the heroes get admitted to, adjoins a "mental prison" which houses their look-a-likes (humshakals).  If that were not enough, we discover even the uncle has a humshakal - in the most restricted ward of the "prison".  And then you have the warden (Satish Shah) who idolizes Hitler and other "evil" persona.

And that is not all - the doctor is also capable of doing plastic surgery to convert his gay assistants to another set of look-a-likes, while there coincidentally exists yet another look-a-like for the uncle.

If you are not nauseated by now, imagine now all the above three also dressed as females woo-ing their "male" coutnerparts.  

If I did sit through the entire movie, it was only to see to what extent the director and the entire cast and crew could stoop to.   

I have seen bad movies, very bad movies - but this one tops it all.