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X-men - the movies

I was not exposed to the X-men characters of Marvel when young - I was more a Phantom and Mandrake fan, besides the desi Amar Chitra Kathas.  So, though various X-men films came and went, I was not particularly fascinated by them.
Until Star World decided to run the complete X-men film series a few weeks back.  They had the movies shown in sequence from the first one - X-men to the last - X-men : Days of Future Past.  
I guess the lack of better TV programs possibly led me to watch the channel long enough to start enjoying it.  And what better company than my nearly four year old, who didn't want me to switch channels after he watched it for a while!  By no yardstick is X-men a program for small children, but then it is fascinating to attempt to understand their interests once in a while!
There are seven movies so far in the series in the following order: X-MenX2X-Men: The Last StandX-Men Origins: WolverineX-Men: First ClassThe WolverineX-men : Days of Future Past X-men is all abo…

Binge-watching on long weekend

It was the long weekend (courtesy May day) and I had the TV all to myself.  It was time for some binge-watching!
There were three programs of interest in Star World that was getting recorded daily in my Tatasky DVR - Monk, White Collar and Mentalist.  Hmm!  let me correct - three became four, when White Collar gave place to Castle. What with the daily IPL dose, there was quite a backlog to clear!  
The first in queue for binge-watching was Monk.  I had about 8 episodes to watch (Season 7) - each running about 45 minutes (without ads).   Monk is a lovable detective with his eccentricities.  The way he goes about solving homicides is a delight to watch.  Monk has a past - his wife was killed in a car bomb blast, leading to his depression and consequent parting from SFPD.  Thanks to his assistant, who keeps tabs on him, Monk is able to help SFPD solve various kinds of homicides.
One advantage of recorded program vs actual binge telecast is you can skip the ads in the former and thereby …

Premium tatkal experience

We had a need to travel to Ernakulam from Bangalore at short notice.  It was a week day, so buses were a possibility, but the first preference was train.
There were a number of trains that evening, but not unexpectedly no tickets in General and Tatkal quota.  Then my attention was drawn to the radio button Premium Tatkal.  I had never availed of this facility and I checked if any of the trains that I was interested in had this.  Luckily for me, the Kochuveli train leaving at 5 PM that evening had it.  There were 100-odd seats in Sleeper and about 22 seats in 3rd A/c in this quota!    
I chose this option and tried to see what the price was. It just displayed the regular tatkal rates and said the final charges will be "dynamic"!   And it was, when the ticket was finally booked - the Rs.435/- ticket costing about Rs.600/-     It still beat travelling by bus and we could reach our destination peacefully.
A relative of mine (who had also availed of the same facility) asked how …