Book Review: Heads You Win

Binge-watching on long weekend

It was the long weekend (courtesy May day) and I had the TV all to myself.  It was time for some binge-watching!

There were three programs of interest in Star World that was getting recorded daily in my Tatasky DVR - Monk, White Collar and Mentalist.  Hmm!  let me correct - three became four, when White Collar gave place to Castle. What with the daily IPL dose, there was quite a backlog to clear!  

The first in queue for binge-watching was Monk.  I had about 8 episodes to watch (Season 7) - each running about 45 minutes (without ads).   Monk is a lovable detective with his eccentricities.  The way he goes about solving homicides is a delight to watch.  Monk has a past - his wife was killed in a car bomb blast, leading to his depression and consequent parting from SFPD.  Thanks to his assistant, who keeps tabs on him, Monk is able to help SFPD solve various kinds of homicides.

One advantage of recorded program vs actual binge telecast is you can skip the ads in the former and thereby save 15 minutes per episode!

The next in line was White Collar.  I had about 10 episodes here to catch up... the last few of Season 5 and the whole of Season 6.  This is probably the most unrealistic of all the programs - most of the heists, plots and escapades are hard to imagine!  But the characters - the FBI agent and the Criminal Informant are very interesting and even more so is Mozzie and his one-liners. 

But before that I finished up the 3 episodes of Castle (Season 6) that had aired.  With Castle now engaged to Beckett and Beckett moving to DC, the plots are now different.  I found the new episodes a bit more serious than earlier.
And finally it was the turn of Mentalist - on a re-run from Season 1.  I had to watch about 14 episodes and it was worth the effort.  Patrick Jane is in many ways similar to Adrian Monk, in his powers of observation and ability to connect clues.  To add, he has some psychic skills and his own set of eccentricities including scant respect for rules!

It was when doing this that I realized one issue with Tatasky and series recording.   When it rains or there is heavy wind, tatasky stops working.  Now what happens is the episode gets partially recorded or recorded with disturbances and interruptions.  Now, the same episode is telecast multiple times, but the set top box does not attempt to re-record the "damaged" episode.  It is for the user to identify issue with the recording, delete it, thereby forcing STB to re-record.   Not sure about others' experience, but this would be the best enhancement/feature I would like to see in Tatasky - ability to "re-record" automatically damaged recordings - of course, if the program is re-telecast and STB is "On"!