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The Shiva Trilogy

I ended up reading The Scion of Ikshwaku, based on the Ramayana characters by Amish Tripathi before reading the Shiva Trilogy by the same author.   The Scion is the first of a series of books, depicting the life and times of Rama.  The plot varies in many places from the mythology, with the author taking liberties as he deems fit.  So, you will find Ravana to be a shrewd fighter, who defeated Dasharatha, as well as tried to participate in Sita's swayamvar.   You will find a different theory for why Rama had to spend 14 years in exile.

Anyway, the Scion also makes reference to Vayuputhra and Meluha and I was curious about them.

Thus, I ended up reading the Shiva Trilogy, in turn...

The Immortals of Meluha
The Secret of the Nagas
The Oath of the Vayuputhras

The books starts with Shiva migrating from his home in Kailas to Kashmir, along with his entourage. He is soon identified as the person that the world has waiting for - to save human race from troubles.
He is taken to meet Daksha, …

The Maze Runner - the books

I decided to read the Maze Runner series of books after having watched the first movie of the series The Maze Runner, a few weeks back.

The movie was interesting, about a guy, Thomas, who lands up without memory in a mass of land surrounded by walls in the form of a maze.  There are a ground of boys who have come/landed before him and they have survived - farming, cooking and making a living.  The boy is soon followed by a girl - the first girl in the group of about forty boys.  Each day, a group of runners go around the maze, trying to map it so that they can find a way out.  Each evening, the doors of the maze close - no one has survived a night in the maze.

The rest of the story is about Thomas, trying to figure out his past, as well as figure out an escape from the maze, along with the rest of the group.

There are four books in the series

The Maze Runner, the first bookThe Scorch Trials (recently released as a movie)The Death Cure
and the prequel,

The Maze Runner - The Kill Order