Book Review: Heads You Win

The Shiva Trilogy

I ended up reading The Scion of Ikshwaku, based on the Ramayana characters by Amish Tripathi before reading the Shiva Trilogy by the same author.   The Scion is the first of a series of books, depicting the life and times of Rama.  The plot varies in many places from the mythology, with the author taking liberties as he deems fit.  So, you will find Ravana to be a shrewd fighter, who defeated Dasharatha, as well as tried to participate in Sita's swayamvar.   You will find a different theory for why Rama had to spend 14 years in exile.

Anyway, the Scion also makes reference to Vayuputhra and Meluha and I was curious about them.

Thus, I ended up reading the Shiva Trilogy, in turn...

The Immortals of Meluha
The Secret of the Nagas
The Oath of the Vayuputhras

The books starts with Shiva migrating from his home in Kailas to Kashmir, along with his entourage. He is soon identified as the person that the world has waiting for - to save human race from troubles.
He is taken to meet Daksha, the kind of the country.  He gets to meet Sati (Daksha's daughter) and falls in love with her.

Daksha takes Siva to Meru, where Brihaspathi is producing Somras, the nectar of Gods that give immortality to people.  But then that is for the elite and not all. And the ill-effects of the manufacturing process (the resultant pollution, illness of a section of population as well as the extiction of Saraswathi river) means, this is not a sustainable solution.

Siva uncovers the truth about the Somras, as well as bears witness to the disappearance of Brihaspathi.  He ends up having to confront Daksha and ending up waging a war.

While loosely based on Sivapurana (specifically the fight between Daksha and Siva), most of the book is the author's interpretation.   While parts are interesting to read, being familiar with "popular" version of events, it is difficult to appreciate the author's version.

Also, I don't see any relevance in portraying Siva as a lover of marijuana and am surprised why right-wing activists didn't object to it.

Most of the book deals with Siva's travels across the country and can get exhausting.  Also, Kali as a sister of Parvathi and being Naga, along with Ganesh?  And Naga being nothing to do with snake!

Well! I will prefer mythology to the what is dished out here.  Thank you.


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