The Rogue Lawyer - John Grisham

Grisham is a popular American writer, known for his legal thrillers.  I had read many of his earlier books, but felt it had become repetitive.  I decided to read his latest one, The Rogue Lawyer, featured in New York Times Best Sellers's list.  

Sebastian Rudd is the rogue lawyer, one who takes up cases of those whom no one wants to defend. He knows the system well and uses it to his advantage where suitable.  He defends an alleged killer of two young girls, whom a prejudiced jury is very likely to find guilty.   In the course of doing that, he exposes the eagerness of prosecution to convict the accused overlooking clues that lead elsewhere. 

Rudd also has other interests, including promoting up-and-coming cage fighters, one of whom ends up behind bars for killing the referee.  He is also harassed by a convict, who staged an escapade moments before he was due to be hanged. 

Rudd also ends up being forced to be the lawyer to a person accused of being responsible for the missing of a cop's daughter.

A fast-paced book, The Rogue Lawyer is Grisham at his best. He is satirical of American legal system and illustrates various current trends prevailing in the judiciary.  He is careful not to take sides, but instead point out the consequences of some of these like jails overflowing with African Americans. 

A good weekend read.