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The visit to planetarium

True to their age and nature, my kid's current interest is stars, planets and moons.  He wanted to see the planetarium, not having much idea what it holds.   Over the weekend, I decided to visit Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium in Bangalore.    Would you believe if I told you, my only visit to planetarium was possibly 30 years back in Bombay and I had never been to the Bangalore one?
Thus it was that, on a Saturday afternoon we started off to our destination.  I had visited the website and gathered that there was an English show The Sun - our Star at 4.30 PM.   We had started early, so despite the Saturday afternoon traffic, we were in planetarium by 3.30 PM.  
The planetarium itself is located in an island surrounded by one way roads on all-sides, with just one entrance on one side.  It is quite tricky to locate the road which has the entrance and I almost missed it despite looking out for it.   
Once inside, you are transported to a different world though.  It is a specious complex…

Cometh the hour - The Clifton Chronicles Book 6

I could not wait to get hold of Cometh the hour, the 6th book in the (hopefully 7 book) Clifton Chronicles by one of my favourite authors, Jeffrey Archer.  Having read the previous five,  (the first four together and the fifth, when it came out), it was only fitting that I continued to read the series.

It is hard to write about the book, without spoilers especially about previous books.  So, those who plan to read the earlier books, do skip the rest of this.

Like the previous books, this one revolves around five primary characters

Harry Clifton - Harry continues to write his Detective Warwick books and they land up #1 in New York Times bestseller list.  He also completes and gets published, Uncle Joe, the book of Anatoly Babakov, the Russian writer, who has been imprisoned for writing against Stalin.   His prodigious memory helps him, not just to write the book (which was narrated to him in Russian prison by Babakov), but also to quote random pages from his during his book promotion …

A Gripping Action Thriller or avial?

In my struggle to find a book that would interest me in Kindle Unlimited after the previous experience, I came across Operation Chaos: A Gripping Action Thriller by Himanshu Rasam.  If the title itself said "a gripping action thriller", I wondered how the contents must be.  I decided to give it a shot!
I guess this is one of the many books from Kindle Direct Publishing since I could not find the book elsewhere.  I did find a couple of other mentions of Operation Chaos in wikipedia, including a sci-fi novel.
Anyway, the plot is quite interesting.   There is a bomb blast in Rashtrapathi Bhavan (yes, our own President's home), killing a few Black Cats and others.  The President is travelling and thus escapes unhurt.  There is a phone call, again made to the President's office from an unknown number warning of worse things to happen.  India's greatest missile, Brahmos is under siege and would be unleashed upon an Indian city, unless the perpetrator gets what he want…

A Day of Three Movies

It was one of those days, where I ended up watching three movies. It started with an English movie, Fantastic Four in my media player.  It was followed by the malayalam movie Vikramadityan in Mazhavil Manorama and ended with the Tamil movie 10 Endrathukulla in Star Vijay (the last two recorded, courtesy Tatasky and then played skipping ads).

Fantastic Four: I had seen the two Fantastic Four films of 2000s and for some reason thought this was the third one.  A few minutes into the movie and I realized it was a "reboot" of the franchise.  The film stars with the young  Reed experimenting in his garage, creating something which his school teacher can't understand (understanably so).   His neighbour and friend, Ben is unwittingly part of it.  They are spotted by Dr.Storm during a science exhibition.  Apparently Reed has solved a problem which they were grappling with.  On full scholarship, Reed helps develop a machine that can "teleport" objects to "Planet Ze…

Tales of two Indian authors

Courtesy Kindle Unlimited, I got around to reading the latest works of two of the popular Indian fiction authors today - Ravi Subramanian and Chetan Bhagat.
The Bestseller She Wrote was the first book of Ravi Subramanian that I was reading.  I had pretty much read all of Chetan Bhagat's previous novels - so Half Girlfriend joined that list.
First, the BestSeller She Wrote.  The book describes the travails of a popular Indian author who gets embroiled in controversy after he agrees to help a young aspiring writer to get her first book published.  His personal life and reputation comes under threat as he struggles to free himself from the quagmire that he got into.  Is the young girl just an opportunist who would do anything to succeed?  Is an affair a mistake or a conscious decision?  Can a first love be forgotten?   These are the "lofty" questions that the book aims to answer.
As for The Half Girlfriend, here is a guy from Bihar who has got into St.Stephen's College…