Book Review: Heads You Win

A Day of Three Movies

It was one of those days, where I ended up watching three movies. It started with an English movie, Fantastic Four in my media player.  It was followed by the malayalam movie Vikramadityan in Mazhavil Manorama and ended with the Tamil movie 10 Endrathukulla in Star Vijay (the last two recorded, courtesy Tatasky and then played skipping ads).

Fantastic Four: I had seen the two Fantastic Four films of 2000s and for some reason thought this was the third one.  A few minutes into the movie and I realized it was a "reboot" of the franchise.  The film stars with the young  Reed experimenting in his garage, creating something which his school teacher can't understand (understanably so).   His neighbour and friend, Ben is unwittingly part of it.  They are spotted by Dr.Storm during a science exhibition.  Apparently Reed has solved a problem which they were grappling with.  On full scholarship, Reed helps develop a machine that can "teleport" objects to "Planet Zero" as well as bring back the same objects back to earth.  In the process of teleporting themselves and back, he and his colleagues develop super powers.  The rest of the story is about the effects of the same and how the bad guy is defeated.

Perhaps the cast was not stellar, perhaps the plot far-fetched. I didn't like the movie compared to the previous Fantastic Four ones.  If I had read the reviews earlier, I might have given it a miss.

Vikramadityan - the story of two men - Vikram and Adityan and the girl through whom they are connected.  As I later read in one of the reviews, the film-maker was obsessed with cops and most of the characters are cops or want to be one.   While Vikram's father is a cop, Adityan's mother is.  Both aspire to be cops too!   Both like Deepika, but she likes only one!   I missed the first few minutes of the movie, and thus the reason why Vikram's father is keen to see the downfall of Adityan.  Do Vikam and Aditya succeed in their mission?  Who gets the girl?  These form the rest of the story.

10 Endrathukulla - Vikram is the Tollywood transporter - who can get things done - no questions asked - for money, of course!  You just need to give him 10 seconds (the time that it takes to count till 10).  He has a day-job as well - a driving school teacher.  He ends up teaching Samantha, who wants a license to be able to "earn her bread".  She also becomes involved in one of his "jobs" - is the involvement accidental or is "she" part of the job?

It wouldn't be of much surprise if I said that of the three I liked the mallu movie the most.  For one, Dulquer Salmaan, the recent Mollywood entrant, who is eminently watchable.  The story is comparatively grounded (though one can argue if the ending is believable).   The songs were pretty good and unlike typical fillers, moved the movie along.

I like Vikram, but this was possibly one of his worst movies that I had seen.  The only genre under which I could watch it was comedy - so pathetic was the plot and the way the movie progressed.  Can you think of any reason why the heroine should be named after a mallu soft-porn actress?  It could only get worse from there - the scenic Mussoorie could not salvage things.   I thought Vikram looked famished - perhaps getting old, unless the "plot demanded him" to be so!  How I wish I had watched The Transporter instead!