A Gripping Action Thriller or avial?

In my struggle to find a book that would interest me in Kindle Unlimited after the previous experience, I came across Operation Chaos: A Gripping Action Thriller by Himanshu Rasam.  If the title itself said "a gripping action thriller", I wondered how the contents must be.  I decided to give it a shot!

I guess this is one of the many books from Kindle Direct Publishing since I could not find the book elsewhere.  I did find a couple of other mentions of Operation Chaos in wikipedia, including a sci-fi novel.

Anyway, the plot is quite interesting.   There is a bomb blast in Rashtrapathi Bhavan (yes, our own President's home), killing a few Black Cats and others.  The President is travelling and thus escapes unhurt.  There is a phone call, again made to the President's office from an unknown number warning of worse things to happen.  India's greatest missile, Brahmos is under siege and would be unleashed upon an Indian city, unless the perpetrator gets what he wants.  What the perpetrator wants is provided by means of clues starting from a cassette found inside Rashtrapathi Bhavan (along with a player, if I recall right).   A Black Cats commander is in charge of the operation to a) protect the President, b) figure out the clues that will lead to the artifact and c) find out who is doing this and stop him.

I found the book quite interesting, in fact, a bit amusing.  It does have quite a few twists and turns - flashbacks, double agents, and so on.  It also has a hacker, a specialist in cracking codes, as well as a historian.  There is also a hit of romance and of course, revenge.  

But is it a serious book?  By no means.  Most of the events are hard to believe, even leaving logic behind.  For instance, won't security check the underside of cars before allowing them inside Rashtrapathi Bhavan?  Won't the antecedents of various members of nuclear group or Black Cats be verified before they join duty?  

Was it required to make an avial of so many things in one book - the terrorist angle itself, I thought would have been good - but throw in a search for historical artifact and the siege of a nuclear weapon and you start to pity the Black Cats commando. 

But hey, kudos to the author - he is not a professional writer, but has done a decent job on this. 


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