Tales of two Indian authors

Courtesy Kindle Unlimited, I got around to reading the latest works of two of the popular Indian fiction authors today - Ravi Subramanian and Chetan Bhagat.

The Bestseller She Wrote was the first book of Ravi Subramanian that I was reading.  I had pretty much read all of Chetan Bhagat's previous novels - so Half Girlfriend joined that list.

First, the BestSeller She Wrote.  The book describes the travails of a popular Indian author who gets embroiled in controversy after he agrees to help a young aspiring writer to get her first book published.  His personal life and reputation comes under threat as he struggles to free himself from the quagmire that he got into.  Is the young girl just an opportunist who would do anything to succeed?  Is an affair a mistake or a conscious decision?  Can a first love be forgotten?   These are the "lofty" questions that the book aims to answer.

As for The Half Girlfriend, here is a guy from Bihar who has got into St.Stephen's College in Sports quota.  And he meets, who else, a pretty rich girl from Delhi who also happens to get in the same sports quota again, albeit for a different course.  One thing leads to another, but hey, she doesn't want what he wants.  Just friends - no benefits.  The depressed Bihari is dejected when rejected but then doesn't lose hope.   Does he get his girl back?  

Both the books are written in simple easy-to-read style - you could call them good time-pass stuff.   And I believe they are "best sellers".  I now understand why they are.  It is in the same lines of a Salman Khan or Rajnikanth movie - they cater to the masses - the reading masses in this case.  I wish it remained at that.  I couldn't help feeling that both the books read like hindi movie scripts (and I believe both them are going to be made into movies).    It is one thing for a book to be made into a movie and another for a book to be written to be made into a movie!   

Is it also possible that books can have "product placements"?  Ravi Subramanian's book had  multiple references to Crossword book shop, Taj Hotels and so on. 

Give me a murder mystery anyway over these mushy syrupy books!