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A Lotus for Miss Quon

After Hong Kong, in A Lotus for Miss Quon, Chase takes the reader to Vietnam, where Steve Jaffe accidentally discovers diamonds hidden in a hole in the wall of his house.  Jaffe sees his as a way to prosperity, but his house-keeper wants it to be given to Government.  Jaffe ends up silencing his house-keeper forever in the course of persuading him. 
He needs to run, before the law catches up with him for murder.  But will authorities get to know about the diamonds?  He confides in his mistress Quon (thus the title), and with her help holes up in her grandfather's place.  
The police find the broken wall and based on the previous occupant of the house (mistress of a dictator general, who had swindled the country), realize that Jaffe has diamonds.  But the police head again has no intention of giving it to the Government.  Nor does Quon's employee, who discovers this information, while trying to help Jaffe escape the country.
With multiple people, each eager to get hold of the …

A Coffin from Hong Kong

It has been ages since I had a chance to read a novel by James Hadley Chase.   I was introduced to his novels at a very early age (too young, I would think) by my older cousins.  I used to read the books, without understanding many words!  What I liked about these books were, they were not too long, had interesting plot with suspense and intrigue.

A Coffin from Hong Kong is one such book - a coffin does literally arrive by flight from Hong Kong. But the hero of the novel, Private Investigator Nelson Ryan does not know that.  He is staking out the house of John Hardwick, a client he only knows through a telephone call, but who gave him a $300 retainer.    Once he realizes that the house is empty and John Hardwick does not stay there, he comes back to his office to find a pretty but dead Chinese girl!   His own gun has been used to shoot the girl and he is thus the prime suspect.

The detective on the case,  Dan Retnick is under pressure to make arrests, but luckily for Ryan, a witness …

Banking trilogy

Having started with the latest book of Ravi Subramanian (The Bestseller She wrote), I decided to read the banking trilogy books that he is famous for.  Though I found a number of his books with "bank" contained in the title, I believe it is If God was a Banker, The Devil in Pinstripes and the Incredible Banker that makes up this trilogy.

I read them in order though it does not matter, since there is no continuity between the books.  While the first two books has New York International Bank as the Bank around which the story revolves, the last one has Greater Boston Global Bank (GB2).

If God was a Banker narrates the story of two IIM graduates who join New York International Bank on the same day.  While one of them is honest, upright and follows the straight path, the other one is aggressive, passionate and does not mind cutting corners to progress.  They start by being the best of friends, but become rivals as they compete for higher positions in the Bank.  Around the two c…