Book Review: Heads You Win

A Lotus for Miss Quon

After Hong Kong, in A Lotus for Miss Quon, Chase takes the reader to Vietnam, where Steve Jaffe accidentally discovers diamonds hidden in a hole in the wall of his house.  Jaffe sees his as a way to prosperity, but his house-keeper wants it to be given to Government.  Jaffe ends up silencing his house-keeper forever in the course of persuading him. 

He needs to run, before the law catches up with him for murder.  But will authorities get to know about the diamonds?  He confides in his mistress Quon (thus the title), and with her help holes up in her grandfather's place.  

The police find the broken wall and based on the previous occupant of the house (mistress of a dictator general, who had swindled the country), realize that Jaffe has diamonds.  But the police head again has no intention of giving it to the Government.  Nor does Quon's employee, who discovers this information, while trying to help Jaffe escape the country.

With multiple people, each eager to get hold of the diamonds for their personal interest, and the dead count increasing as those who know are getting silenced, what will happen to Jaffe?  Will Quon, who has her family to support, be able to leave them for Jaffe and escape to Hong Kong?

In this book of Chase, no one is completely good.  All of them have shades of grey, some more than the other.  Well, not all - save Quon, who is devoted to Jaffe.  We know early that no good is going to come out of stealing diamonds or killing the house-keeper, but still we are eager to know what happens, especially when the others are no better!  (Couldn't help contrasting with our political parties - each vying with the other to do worse)