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The Tale of Two Girls

It was by coincidence that I got to read the Girl on the Train and Gone Girl one after the other.  As it turned out, Gone Girl, written by Gillian Flynn was published in 2012, while the Girl on the train, written by Paula Hawkins, came out in 2015.  Both were bestsellers and while Gone Girl is also a motion picture, the Girl on the train is soon to be one.

The Girl on the Train is based in London.  There is Rachel, who takes the train every day, ostensibly to work.  The train passed by her old house, where she used to stay with her ex-husband Tom.  She also gets to see nearby houses and among them, one where a couple (Megan and Scott) stay.   One day, she finds Megan with another man from the train and is disturbed.  Soon, she reads about the disappearance of Megan.

Rachel is drawn to the crime scene thereby meeting Anna, Tom's current wife. Anna and Rachel detest each other. Rachel is alcoholic and often blacks out.

What happened to Megan?  Who was the mysterious person with who…

The Moneychangers

After the banking novels of Ravi Subramanian, I had a chance to read The Moneychangers by Arthur Hailey.  This book was written in 1975, and I was curious to see how the author depicted the world of banking in America during this period.

The book is story of First Mercantile American Bank, founded by the grandfather of the current chief, Ben Roselli.  As Ben Roselli is diagnosed with terminal illness, it is time to find a successor.  There are two candidates - Alex Vandervoort and Roscoe Hevward.  Both are senior executives of the Bank with proven track record.  While Alex favours the path of retail Banking and modernization, with corporate social responsibility, Roscoe prefers large business lending with focus on profits.

The Bank is rocked by theft of cash, as well as forged credit cards.  While Alex, with the help of Edwina D'Orsey, Branch Head and Nolan Wainright, head of Security tries to solve these, Roscoe ends up dining with G G Quartermain, head of SuNatCo, a large busin…