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Car insurance renewal woes

The calls began nearly three months back.  "Calling from so-and-so insurance company.  Sir, your car insurance is due for renewal."  Pretty much all the private insurance providers would have called me, in addition to some of the ones.  My car dealer was also one of the callers, asking me to renew my insurance through them.   I do not know how so many providers would have got hold of my cell number - is insurance renewal detail in public domain?

I waited till it was less than two weeks to the insurance expiry.  The reasons were simple -
a) what if I had to make a claim (God forbid)?
b) what is the point in paying the premium so many days upfront?

It was when I checked who my current insurance provider was, that I got a shock! I did not have the insurance papers.  I  recalled the day last year that I had picked up my vehicle from the dealer.  "Your insurance papers will be mailed to you".  All I had was the proposal form.  Lucky me, the police had not accos…