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The Secret of the Druids

The Secret of the Druids is the second book in the trilogy of The Mahabharata Quest by Christopher Doyle.   Having read the previous books of Christopher Doyle, I was curious to know what further secrets was the author trying to reveal.

Interestingly between the first and second book of the trilogy, the author released a mini-sequel.  It is in this that he meets up with his father's friend KS, who hands over to him a prism.  
The Secret of the Druids starts with a group of people trying to dig up a grave somewhere in present day Scotland.  They are frightened by the fire and light that emanate from the area when this happens.
Cut to the present and we have Vijay Singh, who is trying to understand what the prism reveals, along with his friend Alice and her friend, Saul Goldfeld. He travels to England to find its twin in the Museum.  Together they seem to provide inscriptions to some secret about Semiramis, an Assyrian legend.
The Order is behind the secret too, as is revealed when…

24 - the movie

This is not about 24 - the TV show,  the Indian version of which stars Anil Kapoor.  This is about the Tamil movie starring Surya that I got to watch over a  weekend.

The movie starts with Sethuraman (Surya), a watch mechanic discovering (or inventing?) a device that could do time travel.  He is ecstatic and celebrates with his wife (Nithya Menen) and his new-born.  His evil brother Athreya (Surya, in another role) gets to know of this watch and wants it.  In the process, there is a fight, Sethu and his wife are killed and Athreya crippled and in coma.

The child, Mani grows up oblivious of this.  He (Surya in the third role) becomes a watch mechanic.  By providence, he chances upon this time-travelling watch.  Initially he uses it for befriending Sathya (Samantha), who is studying in the City and comes to him to repair her watch.

Athreya comes out of coma. He wants to unearth the time-travelling watch since he believes he can go back and fix his injury with that.  He advertises a r…

Clifton Chronicles Finale - This was a man

Finally, the last book of the seven book Clifton Chronicles is out.   Jeffrey Archer one of my favourite authors decided to publish both the sixth and seventh book in the same year (2016), perhaps to save users the impatience of waiting!

Cometh the Hour, the 6th book of the series, ended with Giles Barrington's wife Karin and her "father" Pengelley going to the edge of the forest and a shot being fired.  This was a Man starts from there.  Is Karin a Soviet double agent?  And does Pengelly kill her for double-crossing?

Emma decides to step down as Chairman of Barrington Shipping after having decided to sell her company off.   If she thought that that would give her time to spare, it is not to be.  Margaret Thatcher wants her to play the same role for Tories that Giles is doing for Labour. Party - help win marginalized seats in the elections.   Thus, we have siblings in opposing parties trying to get their party to power.

Harry wants to write a different book,  as his mo…

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Can't recall the last time I read a play.  No, I never read a William Shakespeare play in its original form.   I was quite curious to know what J K Rowling had taken Harry Potter beyond the seven book series.   The play is actually written by Jack Thorne and based on the original story by Thorne, J K Rowling and John Tiffany.

The play starts with Harry's child Albus Severus Potter starting his first year in Hogwarts (similar to the first book in the Harry Potter series).   His sister Lily is small.  In the Station, they meet Ron and Hermione and their daughter Lily.  Albus is tense since he is unsure which school house he is going to get into.  In the train, they meet Scorpius - son of Draco Malfoy.  Surprisingly Albus and Scorpius hit off though Lily cannot take it.   The sorting hat assigns Albus to Slytherin, much to the surprise of all.

Albus has difficulty thanks to his father's reputation preceding him.  Scorpius on the other hand has a different issue - rumours hav…

The Case of Caretaker's Cat

I grew up on the novels of James Hadley Chase and Erle Stanley Gardener before I was old enough to understand them!  So I was quite excited when I got hold of The Case of Caretaker's Cat, a Perry Mason novel by Erle Stanley Gardener.
Peter Laxter is a miser who lived with his grandchildren.  He left in his will that his caretaker Ashton be taken care of.  He also left out his grand-daughter Winifred, while dividing his property among his two grand children, Sam Laxter and Frank Oafley.  The problem?  Ashton's sole companion is Clinker - his persian cat and Sam cannot stand it.  Sam wants Ashton to get rid of it.  So Ashton seeks Perry Mason's help.

His secretary Della Street feels this is not a case worthy of Perry Mason's attention and instead he should take a cruise to Orient.  But Perry Mason is curious.  He enlists the help of Paul Drake, who runs Drake detective agency to gather details of the case.

Perry Mason sends a legal notice to the grandchildren stating …