24 - the movie

This is not about 24 - the TV show,  the Indian version of which stars Anil Kapoor.  This is about the Tamil movie starring Surya that I got to watch over a  weekend.

The movie starts with Sethuraman (Surya), a watch mechanic discovering (or inventing?) a device that could do time travel.  He is ecstatic and celebrates with his wife (Nithya Menen) and his new-born.  His evil brother Athreya (Surya, in another role) gets to know of this watch and wants it.  In the process, there is a fight, Sethu and his wife are killed and Athreya crippled and in coma.

The child, Mani grows up oblivious of this.  He (Surya in the third role) becomes a watch mechanic.  By providence, he chances upon this time-travelling watch.  Initially he uses it for befriending Sathya (Samantha), who is studying in the City and comes to him to repair her watch.

Athreya comes out of coma. He wants to unearth the time-travelling watch since he believes he can go back and fix his injury with that.  He advertises a reward for the watch. Based on the respondents  (which includes Mani's friend) he discovers that one of them must have the real watch.   Mani happens to be present in Athreya's office.  Athreya kills him and gets hold of the watch, only to realize that it can go back only one day!

The rest of the movie is about how Athreya brings back Mani to life and manipulates him to enhance the watch to go back further in history.   Does he succeed?  Does Sethuraman come back to life as well?

While the initial part of the movie is interesting, frequent time-travelling makes the movie confusing and whatever logic  left is thrown to the wind.  A R Rahman's music is pleasing, especially the song "Kaalam en Kadali".  Surya is easily able to switch between the villainous Athreya and the hero Mani.   What made me recall this movie was reading about the time-turner in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!  Two different contexts but similar results - entertainment!