Book Review: Heads You Win

Clifton Chronicles Finale - This was a man

Finally, the last book of the seven book Clifton Chronicles is out.   Jeffrey Archer one of my favourite authors decided to publish both the sixth and seventh book in the same year (2016), perhaps to save users the impatience of waiting!

Cometh the Hour, the 6th book of the series, ended with Giles Barrington's wife Karin and her "father" Pengelley going to the edge of the forest and a shot being fired.  This was a Man starts from there.  Is Karin a Soviet double agent?  And does Pengelly kill her for double-crossing?

Emma decides to step down as Chairman of Barrington Shipping after having decided to sell her company off.   If she thought that that would give her time to spare, it is not to be.  Margaret Thatcher wants her to play the same role for Tories that Giles is doing for Labour. Party - help win marginalized seats in the elections.   Thus, we have siblings in opposing parties trying to get their party to power.

Harry wants to write a different book,  as his mother wanted him to, after finally killing off his popular detective.

Sebastian is happily married to Samantha with his daughter Jessica.   Jessica shows all the promise of being a great artist and gets into  the coveted Slade School of Fine Arts.  However, here her life undergoes a twist as she gets into the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Victoria Fenwick is not idle either hatching a plot to usurp the inheritance of Desmond Mellor.  She manages to win the favour of Kelly, his estranged daughter.   She gets money but soon the tax department is behind her.   She must now find another benefactor, which now happens to be recently widowed Duke of Hertford.

After the win of Tories,  Emma is asked to join the Upper House as life peer to help steer the new Health Bill.  She needs to content with no less a person than her brother, who is in Opposition.   Does she succeed in getting the Health Bill passed?  In the meanwhile, Harry is knighted.

Age catches up with Emma and Harry and it is just a matter of time, before the inevitable.  The book ends with a moving tribute by Giles to both of them.

A fast-pased book like the others, This was a man is a worthy culmination to the series.   Harry and Emma remind you of Kane and Abel, and the author has done an excellent characterisation of both.   The story spanning nearly a century across seven books is certainly a good leisure holiday read.   Perhaps there is a possibility of a TV serial based on this?