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Zootopia - a delightful watch

I wasn't sure what to expect when my kid forced me to watch Zootopia.   Though I have had my fair share of good cartoon movies, sometimes they can get into your nerves.

The stage is set early in the movie when Judy, the rabbit, says she wants to become a police woman in Zootopia when she grows big.  Zootopia is the place where all animals - predators and prey co-exist.   Against all odds, Judy clears the tough selection process and takes the train to her place of posting - the first bunny to join police.  
She is assigned parking duties and has a run in with a fox (the sworn enemy of rabbits and much warned by her parents).   She helps nab a thief much to the chagrin of her Chief, who assigns her to a case of missing otter - to be solved in 48 hours.   With the help of the fox, Judy finds clues that lead her to the slow sloths, a gangster rodent, the crazy jaguar and howling wolves.
Is she able to find the missing otter?   Is the Mayor of Zootopia hiding something?   Can the anim…

Dynamic versions in build.gradle and consequence

"Raghu, I am getting this error from this morning", says our android developer, on a Thursday morning.

Execution failed for task ':app:transformClassesWithJarMergingForDebug'. > duplicate entry: org/apache/commons/io/CopyUtils.class
"It was working yesterday", added the developer.

"Hmm! what did you change since yesterday?  Did you update Android Studio?  Or build.gradle?"

"Neither", said he.

"I also did a clean build".

"Let me try on my system", said me.  I updated the project and opened Android Studio.  I got the exact same error in my console.

"Are you sure it was working yesterday?", asked I.

"Yes, I checked in the source code.  It also built in jenkins", he said referring to our continuous integration tool, running on a linux server.

"Hmm!  is it possible that it works on linux but not Mac?", wond…