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Bahubali - a violent saga

I was one of those who was not bitten by the Baahubali bug.  In fact I watched the Baahubali - the Beginning in TV (can't remember if it was Tamil or Malayalam version) - that too, in bits and pieces, fast-forwarding songs and other (to me) uninteresting pieces.

Following the hype of Baahubali 2 - allegedly the first Indian movie to do 1000 crores of business and Karnataka Chief Minister paid 1000-odd rupees to watch it (did he watch the Telugu or Hindi version? surely it can't be Tamil!)),  I wondered that there must be something I am missing.

It was a while since I had met up with two of my College-mates.  So when we discussed and decided to meet, we thought we might as well do it "over a movie" (and lunch).  Based on the languages all of us knew, Tamil was the choice (did Baahubali release in English?  that would have been fun - a fitting response to English movies being dubbed in regional languages).  It being the 3rd week,  Tamil shows of Baahubali in Bangalore…

Randamoozham - second turn

I would not have known about Randamoozham,
 the Malayalam novel by M T Vasudevan Nair, but for the news item about plans to make a Rs.1000 crore movie based on it.   A book based on Mahabharatha - so what's new, I wondered.  As for movie, I still remember the wonderful serial of B R Chopra, that used to air in Doordarshan, which kept roads free on Sunday mornings.

Though I can read Malayalam, I picked up Bhima: Lone Warrior,  English translation of the book by Gita Krishnankutty.

The book is a first person narrative by Bhima, the second of the Pandavas.  You could call it his autobiography or Mahabharatha that we know, from his view point.  The story starts with Bhima and his family coming back from the forest to Hastinapura, after their father, Pandu's death.  Hastinapura is ruled by the blind King Dhritharashtra, elder brother of Pandu.  He warmly welcomes his nephews.  Pandavas also get to meet their cousins, the Kauravas,  Duryodhana being the eldest of them.

The initi…

The Gujarat Trip - Day 4

It was Day 4 of our Gujarat trip, having mostly travelled  on Day 1, explored Dwaraka on Day 2 and Somnath and Gir on Day 3.

At 5.30 AM, we were awoken by fellow travellers alighting - we were in Ahmedabad Junction. We had read that Uber and Ola cabs were on strike in Ahmedabad.  Luckily Ola autos were plying.  We hailed two autos (from two phones) and thanks to Google map directions, reached our hotel (about 10 km away), with no issues.

We were put up in The Park Residency, a pretty good hotel in Vastrapur area of Ahmedabad. We enjoyed the buffet breakfast that came with our package, which also included extra charges for early check-in.  Like Rajkot, we had rented an Innova for the day's sight-seeing.  The driver was on time and at 9.15, we started.

Our driver mistook Hutheesing Jain Temple to be Hathi Mandir and took us to an interesting temple built atop a giant elephant statue.
We did not linger there much, and instead proceeded to Adalaj Stepwell.
This is a beautiful ancie…