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Upgrading to macOS High Sierra

Apple released the latest version of its Flagship Operating System macOS on 25th Sep 2017.  This year it is codenamed High Sierra.  (It was Sierra last year).  I guess, logically the names for the next two year's OS should be Higher Sierra and Highest Sierra!

As we had a few iOS apps being built in Sierra, I was hesitant to upgrade.  But I could hold back my urge no longer and upgraded my Macbook Pro to High Sierra yesterday night.  At 5.2 GB, the download size is quite large, but courtesy High-Speed Hathway, it took only 20 minutes.  The installation however took longer (about 45 minutes in all), especially the post-installation, which I guess involved migrating contents to the new Apple File System, introduced in High Sierra.

But the upgrade itself was quite smooth and everything that I had earlier worked!

macOS High Sierra

Interestingly, Apple had already pushed Safari 11 in Sierra, so one of the release surprises was no longer a surprise.  I could be wrong, but I thought the contents looked brighter (clearer?) in Safari.

On my 128GB SSD, space is always an issue - but the installation actually ended up freeing some space - so another thing to cheer!

I believe most of the features in this release are under the hood and I am yet to explore (especially the file copy improvements)!

My attempt to build the couple of hybrid mobile apps of our customers in Xcode 9 though was not quite successful, but that is a story for another day.


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