Book Review: Heads You Win

Fire and Fury - the book

What a book to kick off 2018!  Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House by Michael Wolff!

I prefer fiction, but seeing the controversy that the book has generated as well as the fact that it got to New York Times Best Sellers list, I decided to read it.

The book chronicles the life and times of Donald Trump (the current US President) and his associates (if I may so use the word) from late 2016 (a few weeks before the US Presidential Elections) to late 2017.   It starts with the last few weeks of the Election campaign, where no one in the Trump camp expected to win, including Trump himself.  Once they realised they were winners, the disbelief transforms into conviction that they were indeed deserving winners. Then there is the scramble to figure out how to run the country with the limited political experience the entourage has.

The soap opera worthy one-upmanship between the two major camps - Jarvanka (the daughter and son-in-law of Trump) and Steve Bannon, the campaign strategist of Trump, credited with the Trump turnaround in the elections and their endeavor to get Trump to take decisions are chronicled through the series of events that transpire.  Whether it is to get their candidates in the various posts or the policy decisions around immigration or North Korea, each side vies with the other with mixed results.

The book ends with Bannon quitting White House.

I don't keep a watch on US politics and barely know what Secretary of State does or who the Attorney General is.  But the author makes the book unputdownable. It is fast-paced and moves from one event to another.  The author does not mince words describing Trump or other characters in the story.

No wonder was an attempt made to stop the book from coming out.  In India, this would have been easily achieved (see the number of books and movies banned)

Nepotism exists everywhere.  We have the Nehru dynasty politics in India as well as the Lallu Prasads, Mulayams, Yediyurappas...  But it is surprising to see this at such a level in US.


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