About me

Okay! so you're curious about me. Well! here goes...

I was born on one of those October evenings in a local hospital in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu. Pretty uneventful, I'd say! I was back in Cochin where I've lived all my life till I completed my graduation.

I got admission for the Masters in Computer Application in Regional Engineering College, Tiruchirappalli. I was leaving my home for the first time in my life!

MCA in REC Trichy was every eventful, at the end of which I was in Bangalore, doing my Final year project, and after that, securing employment with Hewlett Packard

Post-merger of Hewlett Packard with Compaq, I moved to Celstream Technologies.  Thereafter to Symphony Services (now Harman).  After more than three years there, I switched to NDS (now part of Cisco), market leader for digital pay TV solutions.  I was not too happy there and when I got an opportunity to join ThoughtWorks, I did not hesitate.  I got the chance to head the delivery of Go, a continuous integration product.

A lot of people who leave ThoughtWorks become entrepreneurs.  When my friend of nearly two decades invited me to be part of his startup, I could not resist it!  I am currently the co-founder of Innoventes Technologies, where we do a bunch of interesting things. 

I like to read.  I used to read a lot while I was younger. It has reduced of late. 

I like to write too, which is probably obvious.

I like watching movies - English, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam, I can understand, the remaining, if subtitles are available.  While I used to be a regular visitor to cinema theatres, of late, it is mostly TV and laptop.  

I believe I am the Ravi Shastri of everything (that is my example of an arm-chair critic) - whether movies or books or pretty much what I see around.  

I like to do Crossword puzzles (of the cryptic kind), and the Japanese puzzles like Sudoku, Kakuro and Hitori.